Slinky Magic Toy

Item No :  520


Features and specification :




Age Range

More than 8 years order (Recommended)


13 cm




304 Stainless


Introduction :

1. The Slinky magic toy ( 520 )is very tactile and addictive to play with and interactive .  Users can put the slinky magic ring to their hand through it and run it safely along their arms and pass it from arm to another.

2. The Slinky magic toy  ( 520 ) is also a good toy to pay between friends , one person to another just for fun or in a dance . Running it along a long tube or prop to be used as a dance prop .

3 Also runs down a thick string or hose. This is a fun way for kids to learn about springs, physics, energy,.  It is a great gift for kids , special science and math lovers.


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